The indespensible guide to monsters, spirits, and other worldly beings brought to you by John Winchester

DISCLAIMER: All information presented is the brain child of the creators of Supernatural and Alex Irvine. There will be 2 journal entries a day, and up to two monster entries per day.

demons in the Devil's Trap

John Winchster:  I tried to put him in school last fall, but I just couldn’t risk it.  Maybe this year, now that he knows a little more about things.  I’ve been teaching him.  Not the worst stuff, but enough so he knows that there are things that go bump in the night.

John Winchester:  I’ll never forget

The lack of journal entries for the day is unacceptable 

Tomorrow will be triple the normal journal entries.

And I would like an ask or two.  Anything really.

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John Winchster:  But I’ve spent the last year getting better at revenge.

John Winchester:  Do I sound like a proud dad? I am.

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John Winchster:  Then I realized I can’t leave him in school.  Anything could happen.  

John Winchester:  God I wish the boys could have known Mary longer.  This year, I’m finally making a resolution.  I’m going to find out what happened to my wife.